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Getting Ahead of Stress


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How do we pin down exactly what stress means?  We all feel stressed at times, but what one person finds stressful may be very different from another.  There is no actual medical definition of stress.  However, any situation that triggers a particular biological response creating a chemical surge in your body experiencing just that!  It can range from mild and short-term events to more extreme and long-lasting ones.

Being under pressure is a normal part of life.  It can have a positive effect making you feel energized, motivated, and ready to take action. Or it can take a negative toll when a person faces continuous challenges without any relief leaving you feeling overwhelmed.

Chronic stress disrupts nearly every system in your body, suppressing your immune system, upsetting your digestive tract, increasing the risk of long-term conditions, and speeding up the aging process.  A persistently negative response to challenges can have an adverse effect on health and happiness.

Personal Response

There are so many different causes of stress and every person has their own triggers.  Work, life, attitudes and perceptions, change, unrealistic expectations, trauma to name but a few! Everybody has to deal with some level of stress in their life-time so trying to handle these perceived negative situations in a positive proactive way can lead to a happier, healthier you.

Problem Solving

Be active. Physical activity can improve your mood and relax your muscles.  It will boost your feel-good chemicals.  Learn and practice relaxation techniques, even something as simple as deep breathing can make all the difference. Factor in some ‘me time’, we all need to take some time for ourselves.  Whether you want to connect with others, challenge yourself, or take time to set yourself some future goals it will help to build your confidence, and ultimately deal with stress.

Take control.  Get organized, to-do lists will help.  Think and plan ahead.  Before you know it Christmas will be here.  Start planning those Christmas gift ideas and get ahead of the game.  The act of taking control is empowering.  Learn to manage your time more effectively, being disorganized can elevate your stress levels unnecessarily.

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